An island for every season, and for every reason.

The Indian Ocean is blessed with islands of incredible beauty, ranging in size from tiny coral atolls and granite islets, to islands large enough to have played key roles in the history of Africa’s coastal regions.


Among the world’s most beautiful islands, Seychelles are also a sanctuary for rare endemic wildlife and humans looking to escape.


Perfect beaches are just the start of the appeal of mountainous Mauritius. Enjoy a multi-dimensional island experience.


The Maldives are the archetypal desert islands: deep blue seas, waves breaking over coral reefs, pristine white sand beaches and waving palms.


Leave the mainland behind and step back in time to explore ancient archipelago ruins, and the tranquility of modern eco-lodges.


The ‘great red Island’ is an evolutionary laboratory, with baobab avenues and unique wildlife (such as lemurs) found nowhere else.


The Spice Island of Zanzibar offers both fascinating history, intriguing Swahili culture and great natural beauty. It has attracted travellers for centuries.