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The Seychelles is synonymous with the world’s most beautiful islands!

This archipelago is made up of over a hundred islands, each one different from the next, in the perfect azure of the Indian Ocean.

Sailing, diving, fishing and relaxing are the main activities for visitors to the 115 islands of this Indian Ocean archipelago. Located between 4 and 10 degrees south of the equator amid 1, 300, 00 square kilometres of sparkling ocean, these secluded islands have a total population of merely 89,000.

Surrounding the granitic islands are several groups of coral islands, most with some of the most spectacular reefs in the world. With such a diverse geographic range, Seychelles is renowned as a sanctuary for numerous species of indigenous flora and fauna that will delight you.

The ideal Seychelles holiday should include visits to both the granitic and coral islands - That said, however you experience Seychelles, you will be sure to find a warm, hospitable welcome from the locals, whose heritage ranges from European, Arab and Persian origins as well as Chinese and Indian.

Go Local ... throughout the main islands is an enticing array of small restaurants which provide delicious Creole food as well as international dishes. Prices are reasonable and well within the range of the average visitor looking to experience the gastronomy of the islands in stunning natural surroundings. Local artists fashion jewellery, craft wooden sculptures, design and make clothes and record CD’s of local music, all of which are for sale in galleries and boutiques throughout the principal islands. A stroll through one of the world’s tiniest capital’s, Victoria, will reveal a treasure-trove of souvenirs to take back home.

On the larger Islands, a good network of local, inexpensive bus routes offer itineraries for more independently-minded travellers, while advantageous exchange rates help to make car-hire increasingly attractive. On the tiny laid-back island of La Digue, however, bicycles and ox wagon drawn cart are the main form of transport.

Sailing is a great way to enjoy the diversity of the inner islands. A number of international and local charter companies offer a modern fleet of vessels, both skippered and bare-boat, to suit most budgets. Fishing expeditions into Seychelles’ fish-rich waters are possible on the same basis. Another dimension to Seychelles natural beauty is that found beneath the waves; numerous dive centres offer attractive packages for aficionado and novice alike.

The Seychelles is truly a unique holiday destination. It has an abundant sea life, tropical gardens, good food , good weather all year round as well as some of the most diverse island geography in the world!

Overview | Fast Facts | Activities | Map | Islands & Properties

Fast Facts

The Island
Geographical Location

The latitude of the islands vary between 4 degrees and 10 degrees South of the Equator and are situated in the Indian Ocean. Mahe, the main island and home to the capital Victoria, is 1600km East of Mombasa, Kenya. The islands are divided into two categories, the “inner islands” and “outer islands” which are the most distant.


There are three official languages: Creole, English and French


Seychelles is GMT + 4 and 3 hours ahead of Central European time in winter and 2 in summer 


The temperature ranges only slightly between 24 degrees and 33 degrees Celsius. The gentle North-West trade winds blow between November and April. During this time the weather is hot and sea conditions are calm. Between May and September the South-East trade winds bring cooler, dry weather with rougher seas.


The Seychelles unit of currency is the Rupee which is divided into 100 cents.

Health Requirements


Trading Hours

Shopping hours Victoria and other villages: Monday to Friday: 09h00 – 17h00 Saturday: 09h00 – 12h00 Sunday: Closed. Banking hours Victoria and branches on Mahe, Praslin and La Digue: Monday to Friday: 08h30 – 14h00 Saturday: 09h00 – 11h00 Sunday: Closed


Overview | Fast Facts | Activities | Map | Islands & Properties


There's much more to do in the Seychelles than just working your tan, lounging on one the best beaches in the world and sipping a cocktail. Amongst these islands that make up this paradise lies the opportunity to visit national reserves, marine parks, beautiful creole architecture, as well as a wide variety of water sports.

Getting Around

Various modes of transport exist to shuttle you around the islands with relatively short journey times. Between the islands, ferries and domestic flights operate a good service with frequent journeys.

By plane - Air Seychelles operates multiple daily flights between Mahe and Praslin (the two main islands). Air Seychelles also operates almost daily flights between Mahe and the islands of Bird, Denis, Fregate, Desroches and Alphonse. Assumption Island and Coetivy can be reached by air charter.

By helicopter - Scenic flights can be booked to cover the main islands of Mahé, Praslin, La Digue and the surrounding smaller islands of (among others) Cousine, Félicité, Grande Seour, Curieuse and Bird Island.

By boat - Ferry companies offer routes between Praslin, Mahe and La Digue. It is also possible to take small boats from Mahe direct to La Digue.

By car - Driving in Seychelles is on the left side of the road. The roads on Mahe are low-traffic, mountainous, narrow roads, so caution is generally advised. Having a car is really a good idea and makes life much more simple. For as little as 100 rupees worth of gas you can see the entire island of Mahe in a couple of hours, including stops at beaches and whatever else catches your eye. There is free parking in 'downtown' Victoria on Mahe. You can only rent on Mahé and Praslin.

Taxis are a popular means of transportation for both short trips and day rental and can be obtained almost anywhere.

Bus services run daily on the islands of Praslin and Mahe from morning to evening on nearly every available road on the island. The bus usually passes by every 15 minutes.


Vallée de Mai - Coco de Mer

A national park and world heritage site, with amazing flora and fauna, including the world's largest seed: the coco de mer.

Aldabra Atoll

The world's largest coral atoll that stretches about 22 miles east to west and encloses a huge tidal lagoon. Aldabra is the original home of the giant land tortoise and tiger sharks and manta rays can also often be seen here.


Warm Indian Ocean waters make Seychelles the perfect place for the water enthusiasts. Sail a power boat, catamaran or monohull. Windsurfing and kite-surfing are available around May then in October, at the start and end of the trade winds.

Scuba diving, snorkeling, and fishing are also extremely popular and can be done almost anywhere in Seychelles.

Land Sports

Golf, tennis, squash, badminton, horseback riding, biking and hiking are some of the recreational activities available on the Seychelles Islands. Bike rentals and walking tours are great ways to sightsee and since distances are relatively short and the scenery is beautiful, walking is probably the best way to see the smaller islands (La Digue, Praslin). Bird watching is also popular and the islands are home to many of the world's most treasured and rare species of animals. The best place to do this is Cousin Island which although only 1 km (0.6 miles) in diameter, is home to more than 300,000 birds.


There are several maintained hiking routes on the main island of Mahe and a few on Praslin. The Seychelles tourism office has a few descriptions of the hiking routes with maps available to be purchased.


The best place for shopping is Victoria, the capital, and more specifically the market at the city centre, which has a good selection of local produce and spices for sale that are all grown locally and 100% authentic. There are also a few outlets on the  Praslin Island, but few shopping areas on the other islands.  Seychelles also has numerous markets, art galleries and shops, colonial Creole-style plantation houses, and the main island of Mahé has six museums, a botanical garden, and several national monuments.

Overview | Fast Facts | Activities | Map | Islands & Properties


Overview | Fast Facts | Activities | Map | Islands & Properties

Seychelles Islands

The Inner Islands

These granitic islands are located to the North and cluster around the principal islands of Mahé, Praslin and La Digue. 

Together they are home to the majority of Seychelles’ accommodation facilities as well as almost the entire population of the archipelago.

There are 43 Inner islands in total, characterised by their beaches featuring large granite boulders. 

Private Islands

  • Four Seasons Resort Seychelles at Desroches Island

    Endless possibilities for adventure and rejuvenation await at Four Seasons Resort Seychelles at Desroches Island. Just a 35-minute flight southwest of Mahé – the main island of Seychelles – Four Seasons is the only resort on this remarkably spacious island, encompassing 402 hectares (933 acres) and edged by 14 kilometres (nine miles) of white-sand beaches. Guests will feel as though they have stepped back in time to a world of untouched nature, where Aldabra giant tortoises might stroll past and rays swim along the shore. They can discover the feeling of becoming a true castaway whilst exploring Desroches Island, with a team of Four Seasons experts on hand to assist with every adventure.

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    Six Senses Zil Pasyon

    Six Senses Zil Pasyon is set on Félicité, a private island and one of the most dramatically beautiful in the Seychelles, with picture-perfect beaches and massive granite boulders. Embracing and celebrating nature, the resort offers every creature comfort within its 652-acre (264-hectare) tropical expanse. It is located 30 miles (55 kilometers) northeast of Mahé International Airport and is accessible by a scenic 20-minute helicopter journey or an exhilarating one-hour boat trip.

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  • North Island

    North Island 

    Some 30km from the main island of Mahe, North Island enjoys private isolation. The Island is located on 507 acres and boasts 4 secluded white sandy beaches and three magnificent granite mountains which dominate the Island. The Island is a perfect setting -  A Noah’s Ark, where natural habitats have been rehabilitated and endangered Seychelles fauna and flora re-introduced, and given a place to regenerate - In the same way that North Island is a sanctuary for regeneration of the Seychelles endangered species, so it is for it’s guests – an unspoiled haven of barefoot peace, luxury and tranquillity. Access to North Island is by a 15 minute helicopter ride or by private boat charter. The Island has no jetty so we do not recommend boat transfers.

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    Fregate Island Private

    Fregate Island Private offers a unique island experience... exotic, exclusive and isolated! Standing on a granite Glacis on the northern side of the Seychelles archipelago, Fregate Island has an architectural style combining design influences from the Seychellois as well as Bali and Thailand. It is only a 15 minute helicopter ride away from mainland Mahe. Boat transfers are also available certain times of the week.

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  • Denis

    Denis Private Island

    An enchanted Seychelles coral island set like a rare jewel in a sapphire sea.  It lies fifty-three miles (85km) north of the main island of Mahe and just a 30 minute on a scheduled flight away. The 375 acres of Denis Private Island barely rise a few feet above sea level and are fringed by coconut palms, brilliant white sand and coral reefs. Particularly lush for a coral island, Denis Private Island epitomises the Seychelles experience. Spacious cottages, are located along the beach and all discreetly positioned so that the verandah is not overlooked by your neighbour. A Beach Villa with private plunge pool is also available at Denis Island.

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    Hilton Seychelles Labriz - Silhouette

    Hilton Seychelles Labriz Resort & Spa Silhouette 

    The beautiful and mountainous island of Silhouette, a designated National Park, is also the third largest in the Seychelles archipelago with Mount Dauban reaching a height of 780 meters. Here lies, nestled between the island's steep rainforst-clad slopes and a pristine white sand beach - Hilton Seychelles Labriz Resort & Spa.

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  • Fregate Island - Banyan Hill Residence Seychelles

    Fregate Island Banyan Hill Residence Seychelles

    Fregate Island is located 50km east of Mahe and is a mere twenty minute flight away. Just four degrees south of the Equator, this unspoiled beauty is a lush island alternating between the white sandy beaches, tropical jungle and granite rock. This private island is small which makes it ideal for exploring on foot. It covers 740 acres and reaches a height of 125 meters – Mount Signal. 

    Magnificently located on a hilltop on a secluded peninsula overlooking the harbour, beaches and a large part of the island, the Banyan Hill complex, at 1100 m2, combines a high level of luxury with a unique feel of privacy and natural beauty.

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  • Four Seasons Seychelles

    Four Seasons Seychelles

    Part of the world famous brand, the Four Seasons Seychelles on Mahe Island is perfect for a luxury Seychelles holiday. This resort is located on the South West coast of Mahe approximately 40 minutes by car from Mahe International Airport. Comprising of tree-house villas, each with plunge pool, perched on a jungle hillside, the Four Seasons Resort Seychelles offers a tantalizing glimpse into paradise. The powder-sand beach, considered to be one of the finest on the island, is accessible by butler driven golf cart or a slow stroll by foot.

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    MAIA Luxury Resort & Spa

    Maia Resort & Spa

    There is a truly special place, serenely tucked away in an unspoiled bay of Mahe, its name is MAIA - “The Great One” as defined by Greek Mythology - and it is a paradise. Maia Luxury Resort & Spa is located on the South-Western shores of Mahe, some 40 minutes drive by car from the airport. It is tucked away on the powdery white beaches of Anse Louis and surrounded by coral reefs, and the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean.

    What make MAIA so special? It’s easy...

    THEIR “BEYOND ALL-INCLUSIVE” which allows you to enjoy a completely hassle and stress-free experience whilst not having to compromise on the quality of your stay or level of service.

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  • Constance Ephelia Resort

    Constance Ephelia Resort & Spa

    The wonderful Constance Ephélia Resort & Spa opened in 2010 and offers a fabulous five star experience at a four star price and ideal for both families and honeymooners. The resort is located beside two fine beaches on the north west coast of Mahé Island, is set within 120 hectares of land with luxuriant and rare vegetation, and overlooks the National Marine Park of Port Launay. Transfer by car is approximately 40 minute from Mahe international airport.

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    Savoy Resort & Spa

    Savoy Seychelles Resort & Spa

    The Savoy Resort & Spa, opened its doors on the famous Beau Vallon beach on the main island of Mahe in May 2014. This 5 star hotel is located on one of the best beaches and offers comfortable modern rooms and a vibe atmosphere. All 163 elegantly appointed guest rooms and suites offer a unique decor with a king sized bed, complete with an extensive private furnished balcony or terrace. All rooms overlook the resort gardens or ocean, feature a minimum size of 40 square meters, and offer individually controlled air-conditioning.

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  • Le Meridien Fisherman's Cove

    Le Meridien Fisherman's Cove

    Le Meridien Fisherman's Cove was established in 1943 and is the first and most well known hotel in Seychelles. It has over the years undergone a number of refurbishments and upgrades.Access to the hotel is by road and takes you approximately 30 minutes to reach from Mahe International Airport. Offering a mix of stylish elegance with a contemporary feel and relaxed informality, this hotel is tucked away at the end of Beau Vallon Bay, the most popular and longest beach on Mahé Island. It is just a 2 minute drive or pleasant stroll from the small village of Beau Vallon.

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  • The Crown Beach Hotel

    The Crown Beach Hotel

    Conveniently located, The Crown Beach Hotel is situated at Pointe Au Sel, on mainland Mahe, and only 8km south from Seychelles International Airport. It is a small owner run establishment and great for a group of friends or family travelling together. The hotel is only a few steps from the secluded beach of Pointe Au Sel, where guests can enjoy a range of non motorized water activities. It has one Restaurant and is open for breakfast, lunch or dinner, while the Crown beach bar serves snacks and a range of cocktails throughout the day. The Crown Beach Hotel provides a room service facility for those who would like to enjoy the comfort of their suite.

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  • Eden Bleu

    Eden Blue

    The Eden Bleu Hotel is on Eden Island, a residential and commercial marina development 100 metres off the coast of Mahé and a 5 minute transfer from Mahe International Airport. The Hotel's proximity to Eden Island's international marina makes it the ideal point of departure for other islands, yacht charters and innumerable water sports and activities from deep-sea fishing to sunset cruises. 

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  • Four Seasons Resort - Presidential Suite Seychelles

    Four Seasons Resort Presidential Suite Seychelles

    The Four Seasons Resort is situated on Mahe, nestled in a lush hillside, overlooking the Petite Anse bay. Transfer by car is approximately 40 minutes from Mahe International Airport.

    This Presidential Suite, at 734 sq m, comprises two bedrooms distinct from the living area. It is only steps away from the beach. Ideal for a family vacation situated in the lower section of the resort the suite includes a lounge, dining and study area, with a pantry. The living room looks through to the pool deck, over the infinity-edge pool and onto the Indian Ocean. The resort also has a golf driving range, using eco balls into the ocean.

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    Hilton Northolme Resort & Spa

    Your Creole getaway awaits at this hidden treasure - also an inspiration to James Bond creator Ian Fleming. Surrounded by white-sand beaches, tropical gardens and crystal waters, the Hilton Seychelles Northolme Resort & Spa is a true escape. These villas are perched on stilts, providing gorgeous views and plenty of privacy. It is the  ideal location for dream weddings and special celebrations. An infinity pool, oceanfront dining, a luxurious spa, glass-bottom boat tours - it's just the beginning of your retreat in Beau Vallon Bay on Mahe Island.

    The only adults’ only hotel in Seychelles (only guests 13 and above are allowed).

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  • Constance Lemuria Resort

    Constance Lemuria Resort

    Constance Lemuria Resort is a deluxe beach-side resort located on the northwest coast of the island, just 5 minutes from Praslin Airport and is surrounded by 101 hectares of lush vegetation and clear, calm lagoon waters. The resort is sheltered from the prevailing winds, making it a perfect choice all year round.  The accommodation will delight you with its combination of traditional and contemporary furnishings.

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    Raffles Resort & Spa

    Raffles Resort & Spa is Cradled in the heart of the island of Praslin, aptly referred to as the mythological ‘Garden of Eden’. Tucked away in blissful seclusion, the hotel is nestled amongst lush greenery, gentle slopes of stunning granite formation and breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean. The resort is an oasis of calm and comfort, with facilities and service designed to create an intimate charm.

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  • Le Duc de Praslin

    Le Duc de Praslin

    Le Duc de Praslin is ideally situated next to the crystal clear waters and white sand of the famous Cote d'Or Beach; and within a short drive, or leisurely bicycle ride lies Anse Lazio which offers fantastic snorkelling, secluded coves and beachside cafes. The Property is a 35 minutes drive by road from Praslin airport. This value for money 4 star hotel is set in a large tropical garden, and is the only hotel to boast more than 100 different varieties of orchids.

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    Paradise Sun

    Paradise Sun

    Paradise Sun is discretely tucked away on the North Eastern side of Praslin Island. The hotel nestles in the far corner of 3km of vast white sandy beach, under the protective presence of an outcrop of enormous granite boulders – making it private and secluded. The resort is only a 15 minute road transfer to Praslin Airport. Rooms are small and compact but are sea-facing chalet style rooms, in single or double story buildings, and are furnished in an uncluttered French Creole fashion with louvered doors leading onto a balcony or terrace.

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  • La Domaine de La Reserve

    Le Domaine de La Reserve

    Le Domaine de La Réserve is a very welcoming 40 room family hotel situated on Anse Petite Cour, which is located in the Curieuse Island Marine National Park and a mere 35 minute by road from Praslin airport. Children are especially welcome at Le Domaine de La Reserve. It has its own exclusive beach protected by a reef that provides the gentlest of waters for swimming and snorkelling and also boasts one of the largest swimming pools in Praslin serving lunch or snacks every day.

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  • Lemuria Resort - Presidential Villa Seychelles

    Lemuria Resort - Presidential Villa Seychelles

    Lemuria is situated on the beautiful island of Praslin, about 48km northeast of Mahe. This luxurious villa is just 5 minutes from Praslin airport, based on the northwest coast of the island, overlooking the beaches of Anse Kerlan. The resort is sheltered from the prevailing winds, making it a perfect choice all year round..

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    Raffles - Royal Beachfront Villa Seychelles

    Raffles - Royal Beachfront Villa Seychelles

    Raffles resort  is situated on of the beautiful island of Praslin, about 48km northeast of Mahe. This luxurious  Beachfront Villa is only a 30 minute drive from Praslin airport, based on the the North eastern tip of the island, overlooking the beaches of Anse Tamakana. Perfect for a family or couples, the Royal Beachfront Villa offers a quiet sanctuary only steps away from the beach. Anse Lazio, rated as one of the best beaches in the world,is located just minutes away from Raffles.

    This Villa is suitable for families (with waterborne children) and golf enthusiasts who are looking for the ultimate relaxing getaway in opulent surroundings, with all the luxuries and amenities offered by of a five star resort.

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  • Raffles - Royal Oceanview Villa Seychelles

    Raffles - Royal Ocean View Villa Seychelles

    Raffles resort  is situated on of the beautiful island of Praslin, about 48km northeast of Mahe. The luxurious Royal Ocean View Villa is only a 30 minute drive from Praslin airport, based on the the North eastern tip of the island, overlooking the beaches of Anse Tamakana. Perfect for a family or couples, the Royal Oceanview Villa offers a quiet sanctuary with magnificent ocean views. Anse Lazio, rated as one of the best beaches in the world,is located just minutes away from Raffles 

    This Villa is suitable for families (with waterborne children) and golf enthusiasts who are looking for the ultimate relaxing getaway in opulent surroundings, with all the luxuries and amenities offered by of a five star resort.

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La Digue

  • La Domaine de l'Orangeraie

    La Digue is the third largest inhabited island of the Seychelles in terms of population, and lying east of Praslin and west of Felicite Island.

    Arriving at La Digue feels like sailing straight into a painting, brimming with brush strokes of blue, green and tan. The beaches here are spectacular, particularly Grand Anse and Anse Source d'Argent, which is strewn with pink granite rocks. There are very few cars here, so travelling by bike or by ox cart is the way to go.

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    Le Nautique Seychelles

    With an eye for modern coastal design yet still reflective of the past, Le Nautique Luxury Waterfront Hotel has been carefully crafted to reflect the rich history and colourful culture of the Seychelles Islands. Externally this boutique hotel retains many of the most distinctive features of traditional Creole architecture and design, however internally we write a different story. 

    The hotel's luxury waterfront rooms feature a contemporary, and at times quirky, coastal design, incorporating all the creature comforts a seasoned traveller could ever desire – handmade king-sized beds, luxurious European linens, complimentary Wi-Fi, cable tv, walk-in rain showers, flat screen TVs, air conditioning, Nespresso machines, and fridges to name just a few.

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