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Discover an exotic spice island paradise where coconut tress line powdery, white sand beaches and clear azure seas, Zanzibar - the quintessential Indian Ocean island experience!

A historical melting pot of cultural influences, Zanzibar is unique in its ability to offer a blend of experiences that go far beyond your average beach holiday.

Exclusive resorts along pristine beaches provide for time-stopping relaxation on sun loungers and in spas. If you can't sit still for long then test your sense of adventure and swim with dolphins, snorkel coral reefs or dive azure seas; sailing, and kite-surfing are available too. Offshore, the emerald crests of atoll islands lie waiting to be explored.

Or, go local...  visit spice plantations and experience the island’s historical trading roots with a trip to World Heritage Site Stone Town and the bustling spice markets.

Frozen in time, a visit to Stone Town will transport you to another age of Omani Sultans, Swahili princes, Shirazi merchants and ancient Indo/Persian architecture. Lose yourself meandering through the ancient alley ways of the inner city and experience a genuine time capsule to rival those of Havana or Venice.

 Founded over 1200 years ago, when Arab dhows from Arabia and Turkey came in search of ivory, slaves and spice, Zanzibar today is a cosmopolitan mix of Bantu, Arab, Portugese and Indian cultures. The  semi-autonomous archipelago of over 50 islands, including the two main islands of Unguja (Zanzibar Island) and Pemba lie just 40km from mainland Tanzania and 6 degrees south of the Equator. Zanzibar Island itself is roughly 85 km long by 39 km wide, and is also known as the 'Spice Island' as it's covered in the aromas of cloves, nutmeg and cinnamon. The east coast is protected by a coral reef that allows for calm, warm Indian Ocean waters.

The locals are warm and friendly and often greet you with 'Jambo' ('hello' KiSwahili - the main language, but English is widely spoken too). Zanzibar is largely a Muslim community. Although they are used to Western ways, you should try to be respectful when walking through villages and make sure that your shoulders and knees are covered.

Zanzibar truly is a majestic island. It has tropical beaches, abundant sea life, diverse cultures and a rich history that will leave you wanting more.

Overview | Fast Facts | Activities | Map | Islands & Properties

Fast Facts


Tropical beaches; rich history; World Heritage Site; diverse culture

The Island
Geographical Location

Located 40km from mainland Tanzania and 6 degrees south of the Equator in the Indian Ocean.


1,303,569 (2012) made up of a mix of Bantu, Arab, Portugese and Indian cultures.


KiSwahili, English and Arabic


1 hour ahead of South Africa - EAT UTC +03:00


Warm all year round due to being close to the Equator. Strong sea breezes often cool down the island from November through to February, with brief showers in November. Rainy season is March through May. Average high temperature of 30.3 °C.


Tanzanian Shilling (TZS).
1 USD = 2,145.42 TZS; 1 Rand = 160,55 TZS (Approx.)

Health Requirements

Yellow fever is a concern in Zanzibar and visitors are required to have the necessary injections more than 10 days prior to departure, and obtain a valid yellow fever certificate to prove the injections were received.

Zanzibar is situated in a malaria zone and visitors to the island will need to take the necessary precautions.

Trading Hours

Most shops and travel companies are open everyday, although some close on Fridays, the Muslim holy day, or on Sundays, the official day off. Business hours are between 08h00-17h00. Government offices and banks are closed on Saturdays and Sundays.


Overview | Fast Facts | Activities | Map | Islands & Properties


Whilst Zanzibar is world renowned for it's white, sandy beaches, there's plenty of other activities besides sun-lounging to fill your holiday with adventure. From world class water sports, to ancient architecture tours, to bustling spice markets - there's plenty to do on this exotic island.

Getting Around

Getting around on the island: Cheapest way is the dala-dala, it costs about USD1.50 per person to get from Stone Town to the north, east or south coast. Shared taxis operate from Stone Town for USD10 per person. Regular taxis from Stone Town to any coastal area in Zanzibar are USD50 (minibus taxis up to 6 people).

Rental cars in Zanzibar are in general about 15-20 years old with very low mileage - remember this is a small island.

Hotel transfers are at least $ 50 one way and they are also happy to arrange a taxi or rental car for you.

Stone Town

Frozen in time, a visit to Stone Town will transport you to another age of Omani Sultans, Swahili princes, Shirazi merchants and ancient Indo/Persian architecture. Lose yourself meandering through the ancient alleyways of the inner city and experience a genuine time capsule to rival those of Havana or Venice.

The inner city was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000. Blending Moorish, Middle Eastern, Indian, and African traditions and architectures, it is small enough to be easily be explored by foot. It is estimated that 85% of the historic building fabric (coral stone) of Stone Town is irredeemably lost. Only very few of the old magnificent buildings shine brightly.

Visit one of the spice farms

The Spice Island, was an important stop in the Spice Trade centuries ago. Today, it is one of the few places in the world where saffron is produced, as well as cardamon, ginger, cloves, nutmeg. You can see how the spices are grown and sample some of the exotic fruit grown on the island.

Jozani Forest

Jozani Forest has excellent nature trails, featuring some very exotic (and large) trees and plants. Even more interesting, though, are the Red Colobus Monkeys that live here. These Monkeys can only survive on Zanzibar, since they need a very specific diet of different plants only found together in Zanzibar. A major part of the entrance fees goes to the local farmers in the surrounding area. In the past, the farmers killed the Monkeys because they destroyed their crops. They are very curious and playful and will likely pose for a picture. The entry fee (USD10) also include an optional visit to a beautiful mangrove forest which is highly recommended.


Warm, tranquil waters make Zanzibar one of the best diving/snorkeling spots in the Indian Ocean. Deep sea fishing is world class on the north coast. These days surfing, and kite-surfing are becoming popular on the island, with good conditions for both beginners and the more experienced. Sailing is one of the best ways to experience Zanzibar and many options are available, including sailing a traditional Swhahili dhow. Dolphin excursions are available, too.


The best place for shopping is Stone Town, where you can find beautiful textiles, handmade jewelry, intricate wood or stone carvings, spices and many souvenirs. The curio market can be found next to the food market. Do not buy the first thing you see. First take a walk through the market, and you will see prices get progressively less. Bargaining with the vendors is expected here. This is their way of doing business and it also ensures that you get the best price.

Overview | Fast Facts | Activities | Map | Islands & Properties


Zanzibar Map

Overview | Fast Facts | Activities | Map | Islands & Properties

Zanzibar Properties

  • Zuri Zanzibar

    Zuri Zanzibar offers a completely unique experience in Zanzibar for anyone that wants to try something off the beaten African tracks; a place that allows guests a feeling of peace and tranquility.

    The resort is nestled on the most beautiful white beach of the northern west shores of Unguja, 50 km from Stone Town and its international airport. The hotel’s private 300 meters west-facing beach is free of any tide-impact, allowing for safe swimming all day long and uniquely breath-taking sunsets.  

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    Fundu Lagoon

    Fundu Lagoon is a remote and peaceful resort located on the island of Pemba, off the coast of Zanzibar. Only accessible by boat, set on a beautiful beach and fringed by natural forest, the property is privately owned and run with a love for the natural environment that surrounds it.  Wooden walkways and sandy paths lead to 18 Makuti thatched tented rooms and suites.  All rooms have breath-taking views of the Indian Ocean.  

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  • Mnemba Island

    &Beyond Mnemba Island

    Off the north-eastern tip of Zanzibar lies the private &Beyond Mnemba Island, inhabited only by guests and the staff taking care of them. Just 1.5 km (less than a mile) in circumference, Mnemba is surrounded by an atoll of breath-taking coral reefs and boasts some of Africa’s most magnificent dive sites. The calm azure seas surrounding the island offer irresistible snorkelling, scuba diving, kayaking, fishing, tandup paddle boarding and permanent swimming directly from the beach.

    This exquisite private island, with its white coral beaches and spectacular coral reefs, is renowned as one of the most romantic ocean destinations in the world, offering a privacy and rustic exclusivity unparalleled on the African coastline.

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  • Palms

    The Palms

    The Palms is a sanctuary for those in search of tranquility…a place to stimulate the senses and experience the very best of the Island of Zanzibar. The Palms consists of six private villas each over 130 square meters with a Bedroom, living room, full en-suite bathroom, walk-in dressing room, extra room with it’s own en-suite bathroom and a large furnished terrace with a view of the ocean.

    For your dream wedding and honeymoon contact us for special offers! 

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    Zanzibar White Sand Luxury Villas & Spa

    Zanzibar White Sand Luxury Villas & Spa 

    Zanzibar White Sand Luxury Villas & Spa offers an exclusive resort, facing one of the most beautiful beaches in the world located on the East coast of Zanzibar.  With eleven high-end villas, this sustainable sanctuary of uncompromising luxury is designed to ensure each villa provides an intimate and peaceful retreat in blissful surroundings. All the villas have their own private pools; additionally, a large swimming pool and smaller children’s pool are available adjacent to the restaurant.

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  • Melia

    Meliá Zanzibar

    Meliá Zanzibar is a luxury beach all inclusive resort situated on the north-east coast of the exotic island of Zanzibar, in Tanzania, also known as the “Spice Island”. Meliá Zanzibar is built on a 40 acre estate with a beautiful beach of pearlescent white sand lapped by warm ocean waters, 300 meters long, situated at the very end of the property to procure the perfect combination with nature.

    The resort is ringed by a natural coral reef, making bathing a relaxing and safe experience. The hotel is around 45 - 50 minutes from the international airport of Zanzibar, and the capital city Stone Town, a “UNESCO World Heritage” site.

    For your dream wedding and honeymoon contact us for special offers! 

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    Baraza Resort & Spa

    Baraza lies on the south eastern coast of the island of Zanzibar, along the award winning Bwejuu beach, recently voted by the prestigious top travel magazine, Conde Nast Traveller as one of the top 30 island beaches in the world. Approximately a 50 minute drive from the airport or Stone Town and ten minutes drive from the village of Bwejuu. The Resort is situated on a 240 meter stretch of fine and beach, with a coral reef facing the beach that runs down the eastern shore of Zanzibar.

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  • Hideaway of Nungwi

    Hideaway of Nungwi Resort & Spa

    Hideaway of Nungwi Resort & Spa is extended over 10 hectares of virgin land on the North West Coast, surrounded by exotic gardens and thousands of tropical plants, with wooden steps leading you  gently down to the soft sandy beach of Nungwi. Located just 55 minutes from the airport and the capital of Stone Town, we offer the perfect hide away for couples, families and friends. Indulge in delicious offerings from our 3 restaurants or enjoy a few snacks and cocktails on the beach by our famous beach bar. This luxurious resort has been conceived to satisfy guests seeking a deeper and more authentic holiday experience, reflected in our traditional architecture and genuine Zanzibar hospitality. 

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    Sea Cliff

    Sea Cliff Resort & Spa

    Driving into Sea Cliff Resort & Spa you know you have found something special. Peace and tranquility, no other hotels or busy roads, just open space and palm trees. With traditional makuti roofs and Arabic towers lit by brass lights, the hotel was built with location in mind. It is a unique combination of modern facilities mixed with the original exotic architecture of historical Zanzibar.

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